Hibernating Rhinos

Hibernating Rhinos
9 Ahad Ha'Am St.
Hadera 3820349
電話: +972 4 622 7811
営業時間: Open: Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm (UTC+3.00)

About Hibernating Rhinos

Hibernating Rhinos LTD is an Israeli based company, focused on delivering products and services in the database infrastructure field. Its mission is to get rid of all forms of friction in software development and maintenance, including after the software has been delivered and is running in production. Hibernating Rhinos provides a superior database system (RavenDB), tooling to monitor, inspect, analyze and suggest improvements to database access patterns in your applications (Über Profiler suite of profilers) and a distributed replicated file system (RavenFS) to manage distribution of very large files. Hibernating Rhinos are committed to providing high quality products and services, focusing on rapid turn around and top notch customer service.