JAM Softwareとのパートナーシップ1周年を祝賀

4月 2, 2024
ComponentSourceとJAM Softwareは、世界中のソフトウェア開発者にストレージとファイルエクスプローラーソリューションを提供し、1年のマイルストーンを達成しました。


ComponentSource and JAM Software have been working together for the past year to deliver market-leading software solutions for disk space management and file explorer functionality.

JAM Software offers powerful software for system administrators and professionals to help manage everyday work more efficiently. Among these offerings is TreeSize, which serves as a robust solution for managing disk space. Users can analyze, visualize, and oversee storage utilization throughout their systems. With its intuitive features and adaptable reporting options, TreeSize facilitates the identification of files and directories that occupy significant space, streamlining the optimization of storage resources. ShellBrowser .NET Components and ShellBrowser Delphi Components enable developers to enhance the user experience of their applications. Through intuitive file management functionalities embedded directly within software interfaces, ShellBrowser empowers users to seamlessly browse, navigate, and manipulate files and folders.

JAM Software prioritizes innovation and customer satisfaction, building trust within the industry by delivering solutions that empower users. By harnessing ComponentSource's extensive network and proficiency in software distribution, JAM Software has broadened its customer reach on a global scale. As the two companies celebrate the first anniversary of this partnership, they look forward to continued collaboration and ongoing success in delivering powerful software solutions to the worldwide developer community.

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