WebUI Studio for ASP.NET 2017

クライアント側のデータアクセスとテンプレートを改善、Visual Studio 2017をサポート
7月 18, 2017 - 16:01


  • Full support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 (all editions).
  • This release ships with cumulative updates for WebUI lineups, particularly improved standards compliance and support for latest major browsers such as Chrome 58, Firefox 54, and Safari 10.
  • Several components such as WebGrid Enterprise and WebCombo have received major improvements in client-side data access and templating. Specifically, a new extensible binding foundation has been built, allowing them to be used in conjunction with next-generation templating frameworks.
  • Added significant reliability updates.
Major improvements in client-side data access and templating.

WebUI Studio for ASP.NET

ASP.NET Web 開発のための、先進的なコンポーネント・スイート製品です。

WebUI Studio for ASP.NETは、次の製品にも含まれています。


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