SlickEdit for Windows 2016(ビルドv21.0.3)

8月 11, 2017 - 17:12


  • Added option to hide files that are already in the project in the project "Add Source Files" dialog, even if that kind of filtering is not supported in the native open file dialog.
  • Added option to not sort "All Workspaces" menu.
  • Added "swap_bookmarks" command to swap between the current cursor location and the last pushed bookmark.
  • Added project wildcard support for a recursive search for a literal filename with no wildcards.
  • Suppress message line warnings for keep-search and delete-search commands.


  • Tagging
    • Fix bug where a project-specific tag file would not be used for Java Context Tagging if it only contained a jar file with classes and no java source code.
    • Fix for bug in Python context tagging getting function argument help for constructors.
    • Fix to be sure that the current symbol is always selected in Find Symbol Changes in <filename>
    • Fix for JavaScript parse issue handling octal escapes in strings.
    • Fix for bug where fuctions in Slick-C classes and interfaces were not tagged as virtual by default.
  • Search and Replace Features
    • Fix for \b in a regex not always working.
    • Disable incremental search options for large files in Tool find window when incremental is on. Use same def-var for Mini find window.
    • Fix so sgrep on Windows can search through files that are being written to that have read/write shared access.
    • Fix for Mini-find regular expression menu to always enabled. Enable regular expression search option when selecting from menu.
    • Fix for Preview window displaying empty editor for List all occurrences on unnamed unsaved buffer (Untitled<N>).
  • DIFFzilla
    • If you select an untitled buffer in DIFFzilla, and then choose "Compare lines: range....", you cannot select lines.
  • General
    • Fix for recursive listing with file_match() not working for zip files. The result was code templates would not be listed.
    • Fix for slick-C nested #ifdef's not working.
    • When expand alias in VIM emulation, don't want to switch into command mode when expand alias and def_vim_start_in_cmd_mode is true.
    • Block matching in CMake files must be case insensitive.
    • Fixed bug in edit-associated-symbol when jumping between overloaded class constructors and inline methods in the same file.
    • Fix for Slick-C stack after adding a workspace in the Organize All Workspaces dialog.
    • Fix for Slick-C stack which occurs when access menu bar due to corrupt workspace/project history entries.
    • Fixed problem with bad indent after a closing brace with brace style 3, when there are blank lines between the cursor and the closing brace.
    • Fix for Slick-C stack with quick-search/quick-replace commands with no editor windows open.
    • Fix for Slick-C stack Recursion too deep using Alt+F4 in undocked/standalone tool window (Slick-C stack/Build).
    • Fix so Admin.xml will auto load hotfix or display popup message for hot fix availability.
    • Fix for problem where Auto-Complete would not show language-specific alias expansions.
    • Fix for Slick-C stack "Invalid Object Handle" for Find in Files.
    • Fix bug where importing options with settings for a user-defined language would not correct set up the default language options and extension-specific event tables.
    • Fix so gui_cd command works when alias expansion turned on.
    • Fix for junit so jar files with 2 digits between dots (like junit-4.11) can be found.
    • Fix for hang in editor after trying to set a breakpoint while debugging.
    • Fix for possible hang condition for some imported Color coding profiles.
    • Fix for scrolling issue if you use the scroll bar before choosing a version.
    • Fix for crash which occurs when editor config is turned on and the replace preview all feature is used.
    • Fix for Slick-C stack opening Visual Studio project using WindowsKernelModeDriver10.0 platform toolset.
    • Fix so next-word always moves the cursor when in a Utf-8 file when in Brief emulation.
    • Fix for Slick-C stack if you save a file with the Backup History Browser up.
    • Fix for cursor jumping on ESC in Tool Find and Replace with Incremental Search enabled.
    • Fix for macro recording in Tool Find and Replace with Incremental Search enabled.
    • Fix for Clipboards tool window to track current editor window.
    • Fix for crash setting spill file path.
    • Fix for bug in "next_bookmark" and "prev_bookmark" commands where it would fail if they encountered a bookmark in a file that no longer exists.
    • Fix for find next marker in Search results not being displayed when using List all occurrences and Highlight all matches together.
    • Fix so open tool window supports forward slashes on Windows.
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