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  • Impressive JavaScript Charts - Easily integrate JavaScript charts with drill-down functionality.
  • Big Charts with Little Code - Add only a few lines of code to your Website to implement the charts of your choice.
  • Complex Functionality - Content drill-down and filtering capabilities built-in.
  • Provide Multiple Data Sources - You can mix multiple data sources in the same chart if necessary.
  • Smart Data Aggregation - ZoomCharts aggregates data for you. Provide data per day, and ZoomCharts will be able to provide automatic aggregations of data for weeks or months, etc.
  • Content Drill-down and Drill-up - Dive into a specific data point or get the bigger picture. Travel through different data levels by physically interacting with the charts by zooming in or zooming out.
  • Data filtering - Select one or more data points to view specific data.
  • Cross-chart Connectivity - Display multiple charts based on one data set. All connected charts respond to data filtration made in any one of them, and therefore constantly reflect filtered data in each chart.
  • Use Multiple Gestures to Navigate - Use gestures on touch screen devices or your mouse to navigate including pinch to zoom, dragging to expand the timeline, tap or click to view one data point, and more.
  • Handles Big Data - ZoomCharts was built to work with and visualize large amounts of data. Stored elsewhere, the necessary data is pulled up as it's requested by the viewer, based on their navigation.

ZoomCharts JavaScript Charts Library(英語版)



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