InstallAware Express X8

Microsoft Fluent Design Systemに対応、アクリル素材のテーマを使用可能
6月 08, 2018 - 8:52


Tools and Libraries

  • The Visual Studio Add-In has been updated to allow you to do more directly inside Visual Studio without having to launch the stand-alone InstallAware IDE:
    • Files and assemblies are now fully editable, where adding, removing, or modifying files and installation paths is allowed.
    • Folders are now fully manageable, including support for custom and pre-defined folder definitions.
    • Registry keys may now be added, removed, and modified.
    • Code-signing is now supported directly within the Add-In, with support for new certificate types.
    • New compression grades are now exposed directly inside the Add-In.
    • Include Scripts are now stored using relative paths in the InstallAware project file.
  • Two new 64 bit compression settings are now available across the entire InstallAware tool-chain, powered by a new compression engine:
    • These both require 16 GB of physical memory for compression, and a 64 bit operating system for decompression. Even though the setup engine remains fully compatible with 32 bit operating systems, the memory requirements for decompression exceed the maximum theoretical memory available to 32 bit applications.
    • The highest compression setting is optimized for heuristic compression.
    • The second highest compression setting is optimized for binary compression.
    • These new settings are designed to complement, and not supersede one another - as one may outperform the other based on the type of data being compressed.


  • New application runtimes are available for Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime v.15.7 (for Visual Studio 2017) in both 32 bit and 64 bit flavors.

Setup Engine

  • The InstallAware Wizard initialization dialog now renders entirely on Acrylic Material where available.

Setup User Interface

  • A new Acrylic Theme is available, with Acrylic Material rendering natively supported on Windows 10 April 2018 Update (Redstone 4), and gracefull fallbacks for downlevel platforms.
Acrylic Materials Theme with Microsoft Fluent Design System support.

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