ActivePDF DocConverter v9.1.0

DocConverter V12 Engineエンジンアドオンで.doc、.docx、xls、.xlsxドキュメントをPDFに変換可能
7月 17, 2018 - 7:20


  • The DocConverter V12 Engine Add-On allows users without Microsoft Word or Excel installed to convert .doc/.docx or .xls/.xlsx documents to PDF files.
  • The V12 Engine Add-On enables Enterprise Word and Enterprise Excel features and require an additional feature key.
  • DocConverter installation now contains two options: one to install DocConverter Standard, and one to install DocConverter Enterprise Edition. DocConverter Enterprise Edition includes the standard converters, plus the Enterprise Word and Enterprise Excel converters.
  • The Standard installation uses Microsoft Office Word and Excel as the default converters.
  • The Enterprise installation defaults to the new V12 Engine converters.
  • Support for REST API - DocConverter now supports a REST-based, user-friendly user interface. Use the DocConverter Configuration Manager to select custom pre-conversion, conversion, and post-conversion options.


  • Fixed - After converting a PDF file to HTML using COM, the images did not convert correctly, and the folders were not named or organized as expected.
  • Fixed - PDF to HTML formatting issues.
ActivePDF DocConverter

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