5nine Cloud Manager v3.1

Windows Server 2019をサポート、AzureへのVMのレプリケーション可能
11月 21, 2018 - 17:39


  • Windows Server 2019 Support.
  • Multiple migrate operations – select multiple virtual machines at once for live migration.
  • Extended live migration settings – set the max number of simultaneous live migrations and storage migrations.
  • Run optimizer on demand – Option to run optimizer on demand, even out the load over the cluster (manual optimization).
  • Built in failover cluster load balancing – If the host is running Windows 2016, give the option to enable or disable built-in failover clustering load balancing to avoid issues with the dynamic optimizer.
  • VM replication into Azure.
  • Syslog integration – ability to export log files.
  • Reporting – Introduction of the new plugin for VM lifecycle management – reporting of the various resources high/low utilization by virtual machines during last 30 days period and ability to export it in different output formats (PDF, PNG, XLSX).
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