Tabs Studio v4.5.0

Microsoft Visual Studio 2019をサポート
1月 14, 2019 - 15:25


  • Added support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 Preview 1.1.
  • Added a new sorting rule type TabNameUntransformed (it ignores tab title transformations by other add-ins) and made it the default one in the Sorter add-in.
  • Created the OrderKeeper add-in that remembers a tab position when it is closed and restores the position when the tab is reopened.
  • Created the OpenDesigner add-in that adds a context menu command to open a corresponding [Design] view.
  • Changed the PriorityGroup add-in to ignore tab title transformations by other add-ins.
  • Changed the SuperName add-in to not add a project name to the PriorityGroup super group.
  • Added support for solution folders and database projects to the Sync add-in.
  • Removed the "Close All But Tool Windows" command from the context menu in VS 2017.


  • Fixed the Sorter add-in to correctly tag the fist super group tab after the PriorityGroup super group.
  • Fixed a Visual Studio hang when adding a tab to the priority group with Sorter and SuperName add-ins enabled.
Tabs Studio supports Microsoft Visual Studio 2019.

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