Apptimized Workspaceのアップデート

7月 30, 2020 - 8:11


Embedding Apptimized functionality into your workflow management system is now possible via API.

What is Apptimized API & Jira Plugin?

  • To make Apptimized more flexible and accessible, a public API that enables the implementation of Apptimized functionality into your workflow systems like Jira, ServiceNow, etc has been developed.
  • The API implementation happens smoothly and to show you how it works in practice, Apptimized developers have created a Jira plugin project. It shows how Apptimized looks when integrated with one of the most usable software management tools.
  • You can manage your applications directly in Jira and, at the same time, use Apptimized solutions for discovery (creating installation documentation), packaging and testing application packages.
  • The implementation is quite simple and doesn’t require specific steps like permissions, additional licenses or installing third-party applications. The only thing you need is to enable Apptimized “interact” with your business management system and choose functions you want to use in the project.
Apptimized Workspace

Apptimized Workspace(英語版)



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