Wijmo Core 2020 v2(ビルド5.20202.724)

9月 16, 2020 - 12:59


  • FlexSheet's borders set by the applyCellsStyle method must now have a border style specified explicitly; borders without styles are ignored.
  • In Calendar, clicking a day that belongs to the month before or after the current month no longer automatically changes the displayMonth property. Month Calendars typically show a few days from the previous month and a few from the next month. Before, clicking one of those "other month" days caused the calendar to switch months automatically. Most users did not expect this automatic month change. It caused flicker and could cause the calendar to change size. If users want to switch months in the latest version of the control, they have to do it explicitly by clicking the previous/next month buttons or using the month view navigation.
  • Fixes for FlexGrid.
  • Fixes for Input.
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