Active MIDI DJ Console for .NET(英語版)

Active MIDI DJ Console for .NET is a .NET Class which allows you to receive MIDI data from an input channel connected to an external MIDI device. It can easily manage the input/output of MIDI data with commercial DJ consoles and allows you to define profiles and maps for management of the physical controls, including LEDs and buttons, available on the console.

Active MIDI DJ Console for .NET Features

  • Easily to manage MIDI input and output devices and commercial MIDI DJ consoles/controllers.
  • Open bidirectional communication between external electronic devices and the PC running the container application.
  • Send MIDI data, through short MIDI messages or raw MIDI messages (also known as SysEx messages), to the output channel connected to the external MIDI device.
  • Active MIDI DJ Console can be used as a bridge or repeater, allowing direct communication...


Active MIDI DJ Console for .NETがリリースされました
Active MIDI DJ Console for .NETがリリースされました

価格:¥ 48,510 (税込)〜

A single developer may use the software on one or more computers。 Run-time royalty free。


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