Active Query Builder for ASP.NET について

クラシックなASP.NET環境とASP.NET MVC環境(RazorおよびASPXのビューエンジン)向けのビジュアルSQLクエリビルダー

Active Query Builder ASP.NET Edition provides a native and easy way to embed visual query building functionality into your ASP.NET and MVC projects. Active Query Builder is one of the first ASP.NET MVC Query Builders which brings the full power of the SQL language to end-users by letting them build complex SQL queries with unions and sub-queries visually.

Active Query Builder ASP.NET Edition is written in pure HTML with CSS to separate the web page layout from the content for a quicker, efficient, and easier redesign. Built with the standard jQuery framework, Active Query Builder ASP.NET Edition provides rich interactivity through the advent of AJAX requests. Active Query Builder ASP.NET Edition takes an extremely low amount of web traffic and achieves a high throughput performance by minimizing all network packets through the use of light-weight libraries, code packing, on-the-fly compression, and JSON data formatting.

The query parsing and SQL text generation is performed on the server side. Active Query Builder ASP.NET Edition shares a common engine with the WinForms .NET Edition.

Active Query Builder ASP.NET Main Features:

  • Simple and clear visual SQL query building interface.
  • Customizable query building environment.
  • Easy metadata management.
  • Powerful API to analyze and modify SQL queries.

Visual Query Builder
Active Query Builder lets design most complex SQL queries with unions and sub-queries visually by drag'n'drop. Visual query builder represents each single sub-query on a separate tab. It allows to browse the structure of sub-queries in a tree-like form.

SQL Query Builder
Active Query Builder is a true two-way SQL query builder. It allows for combining visual query building with direct SQL text editing. The user can switch between SQL query builder and text editor at any time. Changes made in the SQL query text will be reflected in the query building UI.

Data retrieval assistant
Active Query Builder isn't just an SQL query builder. It helps to organize the query execution and data browsing in your application. It provides full information about the query parameters and helps to fill their values. The easy-to-use SQL filter builder, ability to change sorting, add aggregates and apply pagination to your queries helps to create professional data browsing environment for end-users.

SQL Parser and Analyzer
Active Query Builder's SQL parser is capable to parse any arbitrary query designed for vast majority of popular database servers. The complete information about database objects and fields used in the query is instantly available after SQL query parsing. Active Query Builder lets analyze SQL queries to deny execution of unwanted queries, ability to change SQL queries programmatically allows for preventing unauthorized access to data.