What's New in ActivePDF DocConverter

What's new in ActivePDF DocConverter 2015?

  • Watermarks - In the Configuration Manager you can now set up watermarks that add images or text to your output PDFs.
  • Conversion scheduling - In the Configuration Manager you can now set up schedules and duration times to run conversions.
  • Added settings for conversions from PDF  - More settings are available when converting from PDF to:
    • Images
      Use the new ToImagePageDPI property to select DPI.
    • Microsoft Excel
      Use the new ToExcelTablesFromContentOptions for moving content to Excel tables.
      Use the new ToExcelAutoDetectSeparators to automatically detect decimal markers and thousands separators for localizing cultural differences when marking currency and large numbers.
    • Microsoft Word
      Use the new ToWordHeadersAndFootersOptions to handle headers and footers.
  • Support for the New ActivePDF CADConverter tool - Infrastructure was added to support CADConverter, the new ActivePDF product for converting CAD drawings.