ActivePDF Meridian について


activePDF Meridian is a robust, server-based network PDF printer providing network administrators an easy, cost-effective way to deploy PDF creation enterprise-wide. There are no per user or per document fees. PDF settings and options are controlled at the administrator level guaranteeing pixel-perfect PDF file output. Individual printers can be created with custom settings for specific output devices, unique departmental needs, or to enforce organization-wide requirements. End users simply print PDF output files to a Meridian printer from any application saving PDF output to a local client or a business required server location. An optional API allows developers to automate Meridian print jobs and integrate custom PDF creation with a wide variety of desktop applications. Any Windows®-based program that can print can generate PDFs using activePDF Meridian.

activePDF Meridian Key Features:
Meridian by ActivePDF is a PDF automation solution that provides all users access to a centrally controlled Network Print-to-PDF application. Anything that can be printed to paper can be transformed to PDF.

  • Network Print to PDF
  • An easy, cost-effective method to deploy PDF transformation enterprise-wide
  • Server-based installation, client-side print driver
  • Enterprise Class performance for multithread simultaneous jobs under stress
  • No per-user or per-document fees
  • Unlimited user capacity per network license
  • Centralized settings for PDF creation enforce corporate guidelines
  • Customize settings for designated output devices
  • Virtual Printer technology dynamically creates and removes printers
  • Centralized administration and control over conversion settings
  • Centralized control maintains PDF security and document integrity
  • Point and print server-based processing supports unlimited users
  • Meridian appears to users as just another printer option
  • Anything you can print to paper, you can print to PDF
  • Output delivery to client or server-side location
  • Add company logos and stamp watermarks to PDF
  • Simplified Print-to-PDF generation
  • Optional API for automated PDF desktop production
  • Create your own custom conversion functionality
  • Built-in support for Postscript, PCL, and XPS formats
  • Built-in support for image conversion to PDF
  • Customize output page dimensions and scaling options
  • Control Font embedding and substitution options
  • Control image options for down-sampling, resolution, color management
  • Specify output resolution and print quality
  • Add annotations, bookmarks, articles, and Metadata
  • Add or remove security constraints to PDF document
  • …and more

Add affordable file conversion functionality to all applications. Convert commonly used file formats To/From PDF with a single method call.

PDF Security
Apply 40-bit and 128-bit security to PDF output. Password-protect security options allow you to disable printing functions to prevent copying text and graphics. Set document metadata including title and author.

Print to PDF  
Any application that can be printed to a printer can be converted and printed to PDF. Optimize performance and scalability for developers and enterprise users when integrating PDF generation functionality.

Centralized PDF Settings
Centralized PDF generation and conversion functionalities reduces software and support costs.