ActivePDF Portfolio について


activePDF Portfolio is a suite of products that provides the functionality to Create, Convert, and Edit PDF documents. Includes: DocConverter, Server, Toolkit, and WebGrabber.

activePDF Portfolio Key Features:
activePDF provides flexible, cost-effective solutions that solve common PDF document management dilemmas. Whether you are an enterprise looking to deploy centralized PDF creation, a small business looking for a server-side solution for PDF conversion, or a developer looking to programmatically generate and manipulate PDF files, activePDF offer a solution that is right for you.

activePDF Portfolio is a suite of four activePDF products:

  • activePDF DocConverter - Convert files to and from PDF
  • activePDF Toolkit - Create and modify PDF
  • activePDF WebGrabber - Batch file HTML-to-PDF
  • activePDF Server - Automate printing to PDF