ActivePDF Rasterizer (英語版)

ActivePDF Rasterizer is a developer tool that converts PDF files into JPEG, TIFF, PNG, BMP and RGB (raw image data) images. Use ActivePDF Rasterizer to specify image data such as DPI, scaling, and size.

Multipage TIFF Files
Convert a multipage PDF into one TIFF image, with the added option of specifying the page range.

Multithread Support
Rasterizer allows concurrent execution of two or more parts of a program for maximum utilization of your CPU. You have the opton to call Rasterizer from another application, or use in multithreading.

Controlled Output
Rasterizer lets you control your image output. Set image size, fit to page, output DPI, aspect ratio, and more.

ActivePDF Rasterizer Features...


ActivePDF Rasterizer v8.1.0
ActivePDF Rasterizer v8.1.0
Perpetual Production Licenses (Perpetual): For production use only、 execution of the software for the purposes of running day to day business operations、 Single Instance Production Licence。 Requires a...

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