ActivePDF Reader Plus のリリース

Released: Jun 17, 2019

4.3.0 での更新項目


  • Changes to the Tools menu bar:
    • There is a new 'Add Text' button.
    • The 'Typewriter' button was renamed 'Add Text Comment'. It is now in the Comment section, with the Highlight and Sticky Note buttons.
  • Add a text box to a rotated page: Use the new Add Text button to add a text box to a rotated page.
  • Delete a master document: In this release, Reader Plus can delete master documents from the cache.
  • Disable Print Pop-up Message: In addition to disabling the pop-up messages when end users download...

Released: Sep 24, 2018

v4.2.0 での更新項目


  • Navigate to a specific page and field in a PDF document. Developers can configure an element, such as a button, link, or image, that end users trigger to take them to a field on a page. For example, if the end user clicks a button, the document automatically moves to the name field on page 4.
  • Additional styles are available for fields. Developers can customize the user interface, configuring field properties, such as the background color.
  • Scroll to a field at the bottom of a last page in the...

Released: Jun 25, 2018

v4.1.0 での更新項目


  • Extend PDF viewing and editing capabilities to an entire user base without requiring any client-side installation or maintenance.
  • End users can view, edit, save, and form fill PDF files embedded within their browser.
  • Updated user interface includes the following changes:
    • The Pen tool was renamed the Signature tool.
    • The Text tool was renamed the Typewriter tool.
    • The Highlights tool was renamed the Toggle Highlights tool.
  • ActivePDF Reader Plus Admin Tools now support logging in locally, or by...