ActivePDF Redactor について


ActivePDF Redactor is a developer tool that allows you to confidently remove and obscure information within PDF files so viewers cannot see or search for sensitive information. Redact specific words, text, images, or entire pages. ActivePDF Redactor removes and replaces the text or images with a custom-filled box of your choice.

Search and Redact
Search and redact text when it appears once on a specific page, or all instances of it on all pages where it appears. Use regular expressions to search and redact content such as:

  • Social Security numbers.
  • Phone numbers.
  • Email addresses.
  • Dates.

Remove and Block
ActivePDF Redactor allows users to remove and block entire pages so viewers can no longer see specified information in the PDF output file. Censor one simple name or more complex information such as a long string of numbers.

Preventable Searching
Prevent viewers from searching, highlighting or copying redacted text and images. The unredacted content remains visible, fully indexed and still searchable.

ActivePDF Redactor Features:

  • Redact specific words, text, or images within PDF files.
  • Control search results.
  • Prevent viewers from searching, highlighting, or copying redacted text or images.
  • Preserve the ability to select and copy unredacted text and images.
  • Remove and replace text and images with a custom-sized, filled-rectangle box.
  • Redact specified sections or a whole page.
  • Redact text when it appears once on a specific page, or all instances.