ActivePDF Spooler (英語版)

ActivePDF Spooler provides developers with an easy way to print PDF files to paper. Use the pre-configured settings or customize the settings to meet the needs of your business. ActivePDF Spooler offers full control and endless printing options such as the bin source, paper size, duplex printing, print quality, N-up printing, and much more.

Customizable PDF Printing
Easily configure settings, such as:

  • Print select pages
  • Set to print portrait or landscape
  • Print multiple copies
  • Choose page size - width and length
  • Collation

Duplex Printing
With Duplex Printing (if your printer supports it), you can print on both sides of the paper in a single pass. PDF documents can be programmed to print on either the short edge or long edge of the paper.

N-up Printing
Take multiple PDF documents and print them all out on one single page. N-up...


ActivePDF Spooler v8.1.0
ActivePDF Spooler v8.1.0
Perpetual Production Licenses (Perpetual): For production use only、 execution of the software for the purposes of running day to day business operations、 Single Instance Production Licence。 Requires a...

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