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Xtractor is a versatile server-based tool for finding and extracting text and images from PDF files. A whole variety of PDF content suddenly becomes available such as addresses, invoice and report data. The library extracts text or images to match specified criteria, and then the results are used to automate document workflow, enhance usability and much more. The straight-forward .NET interface eliminates the complexities involved with coding. Xtractor may be deployed as a standalone application or used as a companion to ActivePDF Toolkit to maximize flexibility and further extend your document processes.

Use Xtractor to:

  • Search PDF at specific locations to retrieve/extract text and images including .png, .jpeg, tiff, or bmp!
  • Extract information such as addresses, invoice data, and report data.
  • Extract images or text to match perfect criteria used to automate workflow automation.


ActivePDF Xtractor v8.1.0
ActivePDF Xtractor v8.1.0
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