AH XSL Formatter V6.6 MR9 Standard for Macintosh 1 Additional Processor License (includes 90 day maintenance subscription)


各価格: ¥ 708,300 (税抜)弊社パーツ番号 #: CSJ-515154-1167380

AH XSL Formatter V6.6 MR9 Standard for Macintosh

1 追加 Processor ライセンス (含む 90日メンテナンス サブスクリプション)


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  • Download instructions and License for AH XSL Formatter Standard - 1 Additional Processor License

A Server License is required for running AH Formatter on a server computer. An unlimited number of individuals can use AH Formatter through an API running on the server.

One Server License may be installed to only one server computer. However, there is no limit to the number of client computers that can use XSL Formatter running on that server.

One Server License is required for one CPU. That is, 2 licenses are necessary for a dual CPU server machine.

A Server license does not allow you to put executable programs such as .EXE .DLL included in AH Formatter on a file server and does not allow clients to read and run the programs on client computers.

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