Amyuni PDF Creator .NET (英語版) について

PDF ファイルの閲覧、印刷が簡単に処理できます。

Amyuni PDF Creator.NET はデベロッパーが閲覧、編集、注釈を付けるソフトウェアを可能にしPDF 書類を印刷するためにデザインされています。いくつかの専有のフォーマットと対照した場合スタンダード PDF フォーマットを使っている間に、複雑な文書、帳票とリンクしていてもしていなくても、あるいはデータベースへ報告を作成することができます。PDF Creator .NET は Amyuni の内部開発に基づいていて、Ghostscript のような外部ライブラリに頼りません。

Main Features

  • Support for the new Microsoft Vista operating system
  • Fast and lightweight .NET class library and set of controls with small footprint makes it easy to distribute with applications
  • Edit and print PDF documents programmatically without any user interaction
  • Support for various types of form objects and annotations such as edit-fields, check-boxes, sticky-notes, highlighters, and others
  • Advanced printing features such as:
    • print pages to specific trays
    • print specific pages of a document
    • create a single print job from multiple PDFs
    • print multiple pages on a single sheet of paper
  • Create PDF, RTF, HTML, JPEG, TIFF and Excel documents using the same interface

Security Features

  • PDF documents can be secured using either 40-bit or 128-bit encryption algorithms to prevent them from being viewed, modified or even printed
  • PDF documents can be digitally signed using any valid certificate installed on the end-user’s system

Additional Features

  • Ability to do paragraph editing with reflow – this is important due to the nature of PDF files that are otherwise not easily editable
  • Compression of images, graphics and text heavily reduces the size of the resulting PDF file
  • Font embedding enables the inclusion of True Type® and Type1 fonts used in the source document to ensure perfect portability
  • Search/Replace capabilities from the user-interface or programmatically
  • Saving documents page by page makes it possible to create very large documents without consuming a huge amount of memory
  • Automatic creation of bookmarks and hyperlinks by analyzing the document contents
  • Enhanced functions for adding, inserting, deleting and moving pages
  • Ability to open a PDF document as a background or template for the main document
  • PDF documents can be optimized for downloading through the web, also known as PDF linearization
  • Link to a database using Microsoft DAO (Data Access Objects) or using a custom link supplied by the application programmer
  • Define your own object types that are completely managed outside of the PDF Creator
  • Render parts of a PDF document to a device context created by the calling application