Amyuni PDF Suite .NET (英語版) について


Amyuni PDFSuiteはデベロッパのアプリケーション開発のために、1つのプロダクトですべての機能とPDF ConverterとPDFCreator .NETの機能を提供します。PDF ConverterはPDFフォーマットに対して事実上どんな Windowsアプリケーションから既存のドキュメントからコンバートにできるツールです。PDF Creatorが新しいドキュメント、フォームとレポートを作成するか、あるいはPDFフォーマットでドキュメントを編集するためにデザインされまています。PDF Suite .NET は Amyuni の内部開発に基づいていて、Ghostscript のような外部ライブラリに頼りません。ライセンスとディストリビューションは"面倒なし"で、デベロッパーがこれらのツールを配布するためにどんな外部の技術でも認可するように要求されません。

PDF Suite Developer Pro for .NET

  • Full Developer Toolkit
  • PDF and Vista XPS creation and editing
  • PDF Converter and Creator in one product
  • Only takes a few lines of code to implement into your applications

PDF Converter – Main Features

  • Support for the new Microsoft Vista operating system.
  • Convert any document into PDF format using the PDF Converter virtual printer driver.
  • Automated and easy installation of the PDF printer on the end-user’s system without any user intervention.
  • High performance and reliability. Create PDF documents in a fraction of the time needed with other tools.
  • Operates in multi-threaded environments and with service applications under Windows NT®/2000/XP/2003. Ideal for Web, Intranet and Terminal Servers with or without Citrix.
  • .NET interface classes allow the developer to:
    • Automate the conversion process by setting the output file name and various other options without user interaction.
    • Intercept various events sent by the PDF printer when documents are generated.
  • Generate PDF/A compliant files (requires version 2.51 and higher).
  • Ability to generate CMYK coloured PDF files for printing purposes.
  • Direct JPEG and PNG output from Office applications improves conversion speed.
  • Resulting PDF document can be previewed either while being generated or after the conversion is completed.
  • Developers are able to configure the PDF Converter to allow them to redirect the data stream to process the data or to define a destination other than saving to file or sending via email.
  • Developers can modify the user interface language dynamically (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Japanese).

PDF Creator - Main Features

  • View, edit, annotate and print PDF documents.
  • Fill-out and create PDF forms, documents and reports.
  • Fast and lightweight .NET class library and set of controls with small footprint make it easy to distribute with applications.
  • Edit and print PDF documents programmatically without any user interaction.
  • Support for various types of form objects and annotations such as edit-fields, check-boxes, sticky-notes, highlighters, and more.
  • Advanced printing features such as:
    • print pages to specific trays
    • print specific pages of a document
    • create a single print job from multiple PDFs
    • print multiple pages on a single sheet of paper
  • Ability to do paragraph editing with reflow, this is important due to the nature of PDF files that are otherwise not easily editable.
  • Compression of images, graphics and text heavily reduces the size of the resulting PDF file.
  • Search/Replace capabilities from the user-interface or programmatically.
  • Saving documents page by page makes it possible to create very large documents without consuming a large amount of memory.
  • Ability to open a PDF document as a background or template for the main document.
  • Define your own object types that are completely managed outside of the PDF Creator.
  • Render parts of a PDF document to a device context created by the calling application.

PDF Suite .NET (Converter and Creator) - Security Features

The professional version of PDF Suite provides the following security features:

  • PDF documents can be secured using either 40-bit or 128-bit encryption algorithms to prevent them from being viewed, modified or even printed.
  • PDF documents can be digitally signed using any valid certificate installed on the end-user’s system.

PDF Suite .NET (Converter and Creator) - More features

  • PDF documents can be optimized for downloading through the web, also known as PDF linearization.
  • Create PDF, RTF, HTML, JPEG, TIFF and Excel documents using the same interface.
  • Automatic generation of hyperlinks and bookmarks by analyzing document content.
  • Set various document properties such as title, subject, author, and more.
  • Merge and concatenate or append PDF documents.
  • Enhanced functions for adding, inserting, deleting and moving pages.
  • Documents containing images can be compressed using a variety of image compression techniques such as JPEG, CCITT Fax, grayscale, down-sampling, removal of duplicate images, and more.
  • Multi-national character sets are supported. These include Eastern-European, Middle-Eastern and Far-Eastern languages.
  • TrueType® and Type1 (Postscript) fonts can be fully or partially embedded in the PDF document to ensure perfect portability.
  • PDF documents can be watermarked using either a simple text string or another PDF file.
  • PDF documents can be emailed directly using any MAPI or SMTP-compliant mailing systems as opposed to being saved on disk for later e-mailing.
  • PDF documents can be archived directly into ODMA enabled document management systems (DMS).