ApexSQL Monitor

ApexSQL Monitor lets you monitor multiple SQL Server instances, view system performance metrics, identify performance issues and deadlocks. Use the comprehensive dashboard for viewing metrics and see real-time data in comprehensive graphs.

Monitor SQL Server performance
Monitor important SQL Server instance metrics: page life expectancy, page reads and writes per second, target and total server memory, user connections, buffer cache hit ratio, batch requests, and more. Identify performance issues that need troubleshooting.

Monitor system performance
Track operating system metrics: processor utilization, network usage, paging, disk and memory metrics, and find out how they affect SQL Server performance. Get enough information to be...


ApexSQL Monitor 2018.12
ApexSQL Monitor 2018.12
Active Directoryを使用したパスワード認証と統合認証に対応
ApexSQL Monitor 2018.10
ApexSQL Monitor 2018.10
ApexSQL Monitor 2018.08
ApexSQL Monitor 2018.08
SQL Serverのリアルタイムの監視機能を改善
ApexSQL Monitor 2018.07
ApexSQL Monitor 2018.07
新しいAzureメトリックページを追加、デッドロックの監視機能を改善、Microsoft SQL Server 2019 CTP 2.0をサポート
ApexSQL Monitor 2018.06
ApexSQL Monitor 2018.06
ApexSQL Monitor 2018.04
ApexSQL Monitor 2018.04

価格:¥ 87,900 (税抜)〜

One software license is required per SQL Server instance。 This means that each instance requires a license。 If there are 3 instances、 3 licenses are needed。 It’s irrelevant whether these 3 instances...

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