AppAnalytics Licensing

AppAnalytics is a pay-per-use service (Saas) hosted by Embarcadero. It is licensed either for 1 App or Multiple Apps. It is also licensed depending on how many events per month your App accrues.

An "App" is the App under Your control that sends data to AppAnalytics.

An "Event" means the base unit that the AppAnalytics system processes and consists of a single unit of data that is sent from a Customer App to the Embarcadero servers. For example an Event may consist of identifying when the App is opened and a second Event would be identifying when the App is closed.


If you want to move up to a higher plan, the amount you have already paid is applied against the price of the new plan. You will be charged the remainder due. The new 'upgrade' license will be based on the first purchase start/end date. Please contact if you are intereted in upgrading.