Audio Sound Editor API for .NET(英語版)

Audio Sound Editor API for .NET is a .NET Class that adds sound editing and sound analysis capabilities to multimedia applications. It can perform various operations with audio data such as analyzing the sound's waveform. It includes rich visualization capabilities like zooming, panning, filtering, effects, equalizing, tempo change, custom DSP, sliding volume and volume automation. It supports encoding in several audio formats.

Audio Sound Editor API for .NET makes it easy to add sound editing capabilities to applications. It is integrated with DirectShow codecs and the BASS library, which allows you to decode most common sound formats including MP3, WAV, Ogg Vorbis and many others. It provides advanced features to allow an application to access and modify audio data, including support for editing metadata and tags. You can also create your own sounds by composing audio files from scratch using the internal sound...


Audio Sound Editor API for .NETがリリースされました
Audio Sound Editor API for .NETがリリースされました

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A single developer may use the software on one or more computers。 Run-time royalty free。

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