Google BigQuery Drivers(英語版)

BIツールや分析・レポートツールからGoogle BigQueryのデータセットにアクセスするための双方向データ通信ドライバー

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2015 年より日本国内にてComponentSourceで販売中。

価格:¥ 141,500 (税抜)〜


CData also provide comprehensive annual subscriptions with access to a vast array of drivers for a single integration technology: ADO.NET Provider Subscriptions, ODBC Desktop Subscriptions, SSIS Component Subscriptions, PowerShell Cmdlet Subscriptions and Excel Add-In Subscriptions.

Google BigQuery Drivers について

BIツールや分析・レポートツールからGoogle BigQueryのデータセットにアクセスするための双方向データ通信ドライバー

Access BigQuery datasets from BI, analytics, and reporting tools, through easy-to-use bi-directional data drivers. Our Drivers make integration a snap, providing an easy-to-use interface for working with Google BigQuery data. Bi-directional access to Big Data on the Google Cloud Platform. Easily interact with huge tables and datasets through easy-to-use relational Drivers.

  • Supported Technology - ADO.NET Provider, BizTalk Adapter, Excel Add-In, JDBC Driver, ODBC Driver, SSIS Component