CData SSIS Component Subscription(英語版)

CData SSIS Component Subscription provides an easier, faster way to connect SQL Server with data. It offers straightforward access to NoSQL, Big Data, and SaaS Service data through standard SSIS Workflows.

Professional and Enterprise Subscriptions

The SSIS Subscriptions are available in two packages: Professional and Enterprise. The subscriptions are virtually identical except for data source coverage. The Professional Subscriptions offer essential data connectivity to many popular Applications, Databases, and APIs. The Enterprise Subscriptions include all of the data sources in the Professional Subscription, plus additional drivers supporting a wide range of Enterprise applications.



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CData SSIS Component Subscription 2017 Vol. 3
CData SSIS Component Subscription 2017 Vol. 3
CData SSIS Component Subscription Q2 2017
CData SSIS Component Subscription Q2 2017
CData SSIS Component Subscription
CData SSIS Component Subscription
SSISワークフロー開発に使用できるアプリケーションやデータベース、Web API用コンポーネントを多数収録

価格:¥ 141,500 (税抜)〜

How are the SSIS Subscriptions licensed? A license must be purchased for every server where the SSIS Components will be deployed。 SSIS Subscription licenses include 1 development and 1 server...


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