ContourCube / Classic Edition (ActiveX)(英語版)

ContourCube Classic Edition (ActiveX) is a high-performance OLAP component for rapid development of Internet, client-server and desktop business intelligence applications. ContourCube allows end users to perform OLAP and statistical analyses using current data from any relational database. ContourCube Classic Edition (ActiveX) provides a highly dynamic interface for interactive data analysis, sophisticated analytical, statistical, reporting and graphing features. ContourCube performs OLAP operations on hundreds of thousands of records without an OLAP server.

One software license is required per machine。 Runtime Royalty Free。 4 Team Developer license - License a team of up to 4 developers。
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  • ActiveX OCX


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chenMalaysia5 つ星
This is a very good and impressive product. It provides the flexibility that suite my needs. I like it very much and would like the see development of this product in the future. Great!


steve.sharkeyUnited Kingdom2 つ星
I've started reviewing this product for adoption by my company, it is very strong at providing good funtionality to the user at run time however I do hesitate to recommend it to anyone because of the... 続きを読む