ContourCube / Classic Edition (ActiveX)(英語版) について

Add analytical and interactive reporting functionality.

ContourCube Classic Edition (ActiveX) is a high-performance OLAP component for rapid development of Internet, client-server and desktop business intelligence applications. ContourCube allows end users to perform OLAP and statistical analyses using current data from any relational database. ContourCube Classic Edition (ActiveX) provides a highly dynamic interface for interactive data analysis, sophisticated analytical, statistical, reporting and graphing features. ContourCube performs OLAP operations on hundreds of thousands of records without an OLAP server.

ContourCube Classic Edition (ActiveX) is a high-performance OLAP component for interactive reporting and data analysis. It offers embeddable OLAP technology for all Windows and web applications based on relational data. Application powered with ContourCube Classic Edition (ActiveX) allows users to create numerous nice-formed screen and printable reports in a minute. User can interact with data: slice and dice, drill down and roll up, pivot with sub-second response times and without additional server.

ContourCube Classic Edition (ActiveX) enables you to embed reach Business Intelligence functionality into native windows or web applications and distribute this application royalty-free. Embedded OLAP is easy to install, zero administration and low cost. ContourCube can get data from any data source of your application via ADO, BDE, ODBC and unbound data source, so you can just drop ContourCube onto a form in your project, link it to your data and get all of new opportunities of embedded OLAP.


Interactive data analysis and reporting with sub-second response times

ContourCube allows your users to analyze data, build and print reports interactively simply with a click and drag&drop (with sub-second response times). Users can dynamically interact with data: move rows and columns, filter data, drill-down, roll-up, pivot table and get all possible reports from one dataset. ContourCube will make millions of calculations simultaneously and show new subtotals and totals instantly.

Embeddable OLAP for any database application

ContourCube allows you to integrate OLAP functionality into your General Ledger, ERP, CRM and all other database applications. No additional multidimensional database system (OLAP server) is required. Just substitute the ordinal grid to ContourCube and link it to your data source. You don't need hard programming of hundreds of reports for your application anymore. Your users will be impressed with the way your native windows or web application enables them to understand their data. You will save time and leave your competitors behind. Distribution of this functionality in your application is royalty-free. Embedded OLAP is easy to install, zero administration and not expensive.

Affordable Web based OLAP solution

ContourCube allows you to create affordable Web based OLAP solutions. You can place ContourCube on a Web page, link it to Contour microcube or directly to a corporate data source and all your users will get highly interactive reports from anywhere without additional software and training. Only one license for unlimited numbers of users is needed. It's very suitable solution for creating public information sites and extranet or internet corporate reporting systems.

Rich multidimensional calculations

ContourCube provides rich built-in calculation algorithms palette for business and statistical reports. This palette was based on experience of our users and includes all popular algorithms:

  • Sum
  • Count algorithms
  • Percentage algorithms
  • Weighted average
  • Last algorithm for balance sheet and inventory reports
  • And many others

You can also create your custom calculations using the powerful multidimensional formula language. ContourCube allows you to add calculated fields and edit formulae at runtime dynamically, so users can make OLAP calculations in a manner similar to the use of Excel.

High quality data visualization

ContourCube provides tools for report formatting at design-time and for producing presentation quality reports at run-time. Developer and user can change all colors and fonts and add Titles and Headers containing explanations as well as Footers with footnotes. Header and Footer have RTF formating and allow you to format texts in MS Word style.

Conditional formatting allows developers and users to define conditional colors and fonts of table elements in cascading stylesheets which can make reports far clearer. You can use this feature to create Executive Information systems providing data to decision makers in a simple and convenient form.

Reports distribution technology

Contour microcube contains an extremely compact, well formed report that enables you to rapidly deploy business intelligence applications and information delivery systems to distribute reports to a wide range of users via extranet, intranet, internet and e-mail.

Usage scenarios

  • Web based OLAP solution for public or corporate users
  • Embedded OLAP in your database application for rich data visualization, interactive reporting and analysis
  • Enterprise-wide information delivery solutions
  • Special Analytical applications