dbForge SQL Tools V6.0 - Standard - 1 User License - with 3 Year Subscription


各価格: ¥ 198,660 (税込)開発元パーツ番号 #: 300879669弊社パーツ番号 #: CSJ-552725-1273705

dbForge SQL Tools V6.0 - New Perpetual Licenses - Standard

All new licenses include a free subscription that includes support and access to any product upgrades and releases

1 User License - with 3 Year Subscription


After successfully placing your order, a License Number and Devart Subscription account will be generated using your order details and sent to you by email. Orders are usually processed on the same business day within a few hours.


  • New Subscription Expiry Date and License Number

Every licensed user is entitled to Install, activate, operate, and use the software on one computer per license. You may also install, activate, operate, and use an additional copy of the software on a second computer, portable device or laptop for the exclusive use of the primary user.

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