DevExpress Report and Dashboard Server について


DevExpress Report Serverは直観的なアドミンと幅広いレポートの配信オプションを提供する完全な機能を持ったクライアントとサーバーレポーティングを含んでいます。ユーザーがレポートを生成することを可能にし、シンプルなユーザー管理を提供、必要とされる場合は、コントロールを維持できます。それは利用しやすいデータ管理プログラム機能を含んで、そして完全にどんなデータプロバイダーでも、サービスあるいはデータAPIをサポートします。DevExpress Report Serverはレポートが生成された時、どんなデータベースやデータソースに対してどんなデバイスで見ることか可能です。

DevExpress Report and Dashboard Server Features

  • Powerful Dashboard Designer - The DevExpress Report and Dashboard Server ships with a web dashboard designer that allows you to create fully interactive business intelligence dashboards without writing a single line of code.
  • Get Up and Running in Minutes - The DevExpress Report and Dashboard Server is easy to setup and allows you and your team to instantly focus on your business requirements and spend minimal time on server configuration.
  • Straightforward User Management - The Server's UI is easy-to-use and is designed to simplify the way in which user accounts are generated. Pain-free user authentication is built-in.
  • Windows Authentication - Server Authentication (based on ASP.NET Forms authentication).
  • Enterprise Ready Security - The DevExpress Report and Dashboard Server includes built-in security groups associated with the report process.
  • Insightful Data Management - Managing views is done by simply adding a connection string to the appropriate provider and selecting the appropriate tables and/or views.
  • Simplified Report Creation - The report creation process can be fully be managed by administrators, developers or placed in the hands of the end-user.
  • Report Versioning - Safely create and modify any report.
  • Hassle-Free Report Distribution - A nearly unlimited set of scheduling options and fully customizable report distribution lists.
  • White-Label and Theme Support for Dashboard and Report Viewer Components
  • Administrative Panel Localization
  • Display Reports and Dashboards in third-party Applications
  • Single Sign-on and support for external OpenID Connect and WS-Federation authentication providers