DevExpress Report and Dashboard Server のリリース

Released: Mar 14, 2024

23.2.5 での更新項目


  • "Internal Server Error" occurs when reports are previewed.

Released: Feb 1, 2024

23.2.4 での更新項目


  • Administrative Panel - "Documents" table cannot be sorted via the built-in toolbar action.
  • RemoteDocumentSource - InvalidOperation occurs when parsing the Cookie header (Microsoft .NET 7+).

Released: Sep 4, 2023

23.1.5 での更新項目


  • Document Scheduling - No calculated options are available for DateTime parameters.

Released: Jul 21, 2023

23.1.4 での更新項目


  • Enabling SSO using the Open ID connection protocol results in the "Could not load file or assembly" error.
  • Unable to Edit in Expression Editor or Custom SQL Query dialogs.

Released: Apr 27, 2023

22.2.6 での更新項目


  • Default configuration prevents UI controls from loading remote data.

Released: Mar 30, 2023

22.2.5 での更新項目


  • Scheduling - Cascading multi-value report parameters do not work (no child records).

Released: Dec 9, 2022

22.2 での更新項目


Installation & NuGet

  • The Unified Component Installer now includes an option to install localized resources for certain languages (DE, ES, JA). These resources will not be installed by default - you can install them at your discretion. Note: localized resources may be incomplete. Navigate to Localization Service to download community sourced localization for other languages.

Released: Oct 20, 2022

22.1.6 での更新項目


  • The Dashboard Module has a white bar at the bottom of the page.
  • White Labeling - The Site URL field does not allow certain top-level domains.

Released: Jun 8, 2022

21.2.8 での更新項目


  • Web Document Viewer - The W1019 - The "Filter query string exceeds maximum length limit of 1500 characters" error occurs on resetting parameters for a report with 15 filters.

Released: Mar 2, 2022

21.2.6 での更新項目


  • The filter condition of the underlying query is ignored when a Billing Statement is defined.