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DevExpress WinForms - looking for skin creator sritzi [Germany] 27-Apr-2018 08:30:20


Maybe I am wrong here. I use Devexpress -> WinUI Forms. I am looking for a person, who create a skin for us. (we pay for) with SkinEditor 2.0.
We don't want to use any kind of special graphics. Only standard RGB colors inside the skin. We have sample screenshots.


Developer Express .NET Windows Forms Subscription amin_tus [Australia] 02-Nov-2005 14:10:42

Xtargrid RightToLeft don't work...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and even many other controls don't soupport RightToLeft!

Developer Express .NET Windows Forms Components... sunitjoshi [USA] 16-Feb-2005 14:10:54

I need to display a hyperlink for filename values. Now in the docs. it sayt to use RepositoryItemHyperLinkEdit Class. So for e.g if the filename value as obtained from the DB is "C:\Program Files\Test\Readme.txt", I need to display "Readme.txt" with a hyperlink pointing to "file:C:\Program Files\Test\Readme.txt" so that when the user clicks on it it opens an explorer window showing the file.

Also I need the the value would be reaonly so that the end-user cannot modify it. From the docs it looks like the default for editing in HyperLink is TextEditStyles.DisableTextEditor ??


RE: Developer Express .NET Windows Forms C... duchuu1976 [Viet Nam] 18-Sep-2007 06:05:49

How to print many controls in one Form when i used Xtra Printting Library ?

Developer Express .NET Windows Forms Components... rmoro [Italy] 27-Jul-2004 06:17:23

I implemented a stylecontroller to centralize stuyle of a form
I modified style disabled to have forecolor alwajs like style enabled.(forecolor black and backcolor white).
With xtraeditors.lookupedit it seems to work correctly.
with any other xtraeditors control (textedit ,calcedit etc.) only backcolor works correctly but
it doesn't work with forecolor that remains grayed.
Does anyone can help me?

Tanx a lot