Exclaimer Auto Responder について


Exclaimer Auto Responder is auto reply software for Exchange. This dedicated Exchange software solution lets you automate replies to emails, redirect messages, add and remove senders and recipients from emails, as well as prevent messages from being delivered.

Exclaimer Auto Responder Features

  • Design auto replies for any scenario - Use the pre-built template library to get started. Configure a response from any email address and use fields like the subject to create a natural looking reply.
  • Use any Exchange criteria - Create rules based on recipient/sender attributes or the contents of the email. Base parameters to search for specific words in the email body or message subject.
  • Customize the content of any email - Auto Responder can customize everything in an automated email for a variety of scenarios. Easily change the ‘To’ address, create an auto-forward, add a CC contact and more. All details are taken directly from the Active Directory.
  • Easily deal with domain changes - Alter the address on every email to match a new domain. Notify contacts of the change via a vCard allowing them to import the new domain in one click.
  • Combine rules and actions to create policies - Cope with any situation by creating multiple policies to be applied to any email processed by your Exchange server.
  • Set policies for any time period - Select specific hours or days when an auto reply is to be sent. For example, if your customer service team gets an email outside of opening hours, they can let the sender know immediately when to expect a response.
  • Ensure all policies work - Test all auto replies before they go live. Use the graphical interface in Auto Responder’s Policy Tester to get a clear understanding of what emails will be generated and how they will work.