Exclaimer Mail Archiver について

Microsoft Exchangeのメールをコスト効率よくアーカイブ

Exclaimer Mail Archiver is an email archiving solution for Microsoft Exchange that gives you all the business and compliance benefits of email archiving without the setup and running costs that are usually associated. This Exchange archiving software is remarkably easy to install and configure, does not require any specialist skills to manage and will run on low cost hardware without the need to deploy and manage complex and expensive relational database packages.

Easy To Deploy, Easy to Own
Exclaimer Mail Archiver is built from three components that can be installed on a single computer to provide the simplest and lowest cost solution or scaled out to meet the specific cost/performance needs of your organization.

Journal Access
The software configures standard Exchange Journaling to deliver copies of all emails sent and received by your organization to a journal mailbox. The Journal Access Service reads all emails from this mailbox and writes them into the Archive Store for indexing and access. It then deletes them from the journal mailbox. This process uses Microsoft’s Exchange Web Services component and so the Exchange archiving software works well for both on-premise and hosted Exchange installations.

Archive Store
The Archive Store is a proprietary indexed store optimized for the specific needs of email archiving. The store technology in the Exchange archiving software is based upon an indexed set of flat files that can be maintained across a variety of storage options, including The Cloud, and can be reconfigured at any time. This makes both day-to-day living and managing inevitable growth as easy as possible. However large it grows, the email archiving solution will continue to perform. It’sbeen designed it to scale well into the Terabytes while maintaining search performance and scalability.

Web Service and Clients
Users can access the email archive either through a fully featured and integrated Outlook Add-In or two styles of web interface.

No More PSTs and Exchange Load

  • PST-Free - Ditch PSTs without upsetting users – by letting them search all mail, from anywhere.
  • No More Exchange Strain - Stop excessive disk space and resource demands – for a faster, safer server.
  • Easy Import - Import PST's and existing email using the same rules and stores.
  • Solid Multi-Store Archiving - Solidly and easily archive to multiple mail stores – or even the cloud.
  • Exchange Journaling - Pull mail straight from journaling for maximum reliability.
  • Single-Instance Storage - Identical attachments and emails are only saved once – so your archive stays small.

Totally Secure

  • Storage - Use rules to decide what gets archived and where it's stored.
  • Search - Use rule-based permissions to decide what each user can search in a store.

See Any Email Ever, Wherever You Are

  • In Outlook - Users get full access to the archive just where they'd expect - in Microsoft Outlook.
  • On Any Web-Ready Device – Includes a light UI for smartphones and a rich one for PCs and tablets.

Mail Archiver Outlook Plugin

  • Easily - Search on words, date ranges, senders, and more.
  • Naturally - The most natural way to see the web has come to mail – search.
  • Precisely - Narrow or widen searches to see all the mail you need – and only the mail you need.
  • Restore to Mailbox - Users can retrieve lost or important emails to their mailbox simply and easily.

Easy To Own, Quick To Deploy

  • Simple Set-Up - One install, one console, no database maintenance: total control.
  • Cut Overheads - An archiving-specialized structure eliminates risky overheads.
  • Trusted System - Built on the same Microsoft tech you trust with all your other assets.
  • Purpose-Built - Use a database made just for the unique needs of archiving.
  • Flexible Deployment - Put the archiver, mail stores and Exchange on one box – or split them all up.


  • Legal Hold - Get complete compliance – without all the inconvenience.
  • Audit Trail - See every search and configuration change ever made.