Exclaimer Signature Manager Exchange Edition について


Exclaimer Signature Manager Exchange Edition lets you create signature templates using text, images and dynamic fields. You can use rules to assign different signatures to different people. As each email is processed by the software on the email server, Signature Manager Exchange Edition will add the signature content you’ve designed to your emails according to rules you control.

Get Central Control and Convenience

  • Instantly - Any changes are applied to everyone's signature - instantly.
  • Remotely - You change it once in the console and every user everywhere gets the new version.
  • Intelligently - Display different versions depending on who’s sending the message, when it’s sent and more.
  • Attractively - Build your own templates or be inspired by the library we supply.
  • Policy Based - Policies combine rules and templates giving you the power to easily cope with every situation.
  • Automatically - Fields for contact details are automatically completed with Active Directory data.

With The Power Of Exchange

  • Full HTML Signatures from Any Device - Convert plain text emails to HTML for full, professional signatures on all mail.
  • Based on Exchange Data - Base rules on data only Exchange can capture: the email recipient, send date and more.
  • Mail-By-Mail - Use all the data Exchange sees – base rules on sender, reader, body, subject and more.
  • Smart Tables - Hide a contact detail field, like 'Fax:', if the user has no fax number to go in it.
  • Internal Mail and Reply Refinement - Keep your signature off mail to co-workers – or show it only once in a long email chain.
  • Tested - Make sure your policies work before, not after, you put them live.

For All Social, Promotional and Legal Needs

  • Social Media Content - Show a Facebook 'Share' button and your latest Tweet or update.
  • Intelligently Applied Content - Conditional fields can display content only when certain conditions are met.
  • Universal Template Compatibility - Use the same templates in Signature Manager Outlook Edition
  • Timed Campaign Banners - Promote an upcoming event or limited time sale - then stop as soon as it's over.
  • QR Codes - Automatically generate and include personalized QR codes.
  • Complete Compliance - Be sure every email gets a disclaimer - that's impossible for users to remove or alter.
  • See What You Sent - Update sent items so the sender can see their signature.
  • Managed by Marketing - Let marketing create and update signatures on their own PC using Template Editor.

Set Up In Minutes

  • First Use Wizard - In a few quick steps, just pick your template, add your company logo and go.