Eyeshot Web Service(英語版)

Eyeshot Web Service (EWS) is a secure hosted service that provides access to the Eyeshot CAD engine in the cloud. The WebSocket based hosted service allows content to be passed via a SOAP interface. EWS was designed to take advantage of the Eyeshot engine's capabilities from any platform. It can be used to generate high quality images from a list of CAD files, prepare geometry for 3D printing, build quotes based on geometry metrics, convert CAD files and much more.

Eyeshot Web Services Features

  • Generate raster images from uploaded geometry.
  • Perform bidirectional conversion between STL, OBJ, DWG/DXF, IGES and STEP file formats.
  • Convert STL, OBJ, DWG/DXF, IGES and STEP file formats to WebGL and XML.
  • Reposition (Translate, Rotate, Scale) the geometry.
  • Compute geometry area and volume properties.

Conversion to XML - Eyeshot Web Service can take any standard CAD exchange file and convert it to XML. The resulting XML file will contain the complete geometry data...


Eyeshot Web Service
Eyeshot Web Service

価格:¥ 58,410 (税込)〜

One software license is required per user。 The license includes access to Eyeshot Web Service for 1 Year。 You cannot process more than 1、000 jobs per month during your licensed period。 Example jobs...


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