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バージョン: v8.0.x/v2.1.x 更新日: Mar 3, 2020 レビューの平均スコア: 5.00レビューの平均スコア: 5.00レビューの平均スコア: 5.00レビューの平均スコア: 5.00レビューの平均スコア: 5.00 (4)


Please note that the minimum Enterprise License price for this product is $30,000 USD or €30,000 EUR approx. and includes access to the product Source Code. In addition, annual maintenance and software updates are available for an additional $6,000 USD or €6,000 EUR approx. per year. Please contact us for a price quote.

FlexGantt(英語版) の新機能

What's New in FlexGantt

What's new FlexGantt 2.0:

  • Selectable links (relationships)
  • Menu support for links
  • Different relationship types (start - end, end - start, start - start, end - end)
  • Improved graphics performance
  • Animated tree node expand / collapse operations
  • All bug fixes from the 1.1.x releases
  • Macintosh (glossy) style Gantt charts
  • Easier editing of timeline objects (percentage complete, linking)

What's new FlexGantt 1.1.7

  • Improvement - [FLEX-366] - Printing with a custom RelationshipRenderer
  • Bug Fix - [FLEX-358] - Unable to start printings once you have clicked on the cancel button
  • Bug Fix - [FLEX-359] - Memory leak after displaying a Preview dialog
  • Bug Fix - [FLEX-367] - Setting a timezone on ganttchart
  • Bug Fix - [FLEX-368] - tasks are not repainting in real time as I move/resize them