GdPicture.NET Hyper-Compression Plugin について


GdPicture.NET Hyper-Compression Plugin provides developers the ability to add robust, fast and thread-safe color-detection support in managed and non managed applications with few lines of code. Automatic color detection allows your applications to automatically detect the original color of documents scanned in color mode and convert the B/W and/or grayscale ones to the appropriate bpp (bits-per-pixel) encoding. It also includes JBIG2 encoding features supporting single and multipage JBIG2 format and compression in PDF documents.

GdPicture.NET Hyper-Compression Plugin main features:

  • The Hyper-Compression Plugin includes JBIG2 encoding features.
  • Detects color scheme of a bitmap (bitonal, grayscale or color).
  • Acquires any kind of document from scanner and automatically applies most suitable color space.
  • AnyCPU: available in 32 bit and 64 bit versions.
  • Read and write single page JBIG2 image.
  • Read and write multipage JBIG2 image.
  • Convert from more than 90 document formats to JBIG2.
  • Enhance PDF compression using the JBIG2Decode filter instead of CCITTFaxDecode.
  • Lossless compression.
  • Compress 2 – 5 times more than CCITT4.
  • Low memory usage.
  • Can work in multi-thread applications.

Examples of usage:

  • Converting a multipage PDF document to a multipage TIFF file using Color Detection.
  • Convert a multipage TIF file to a PDF document using Mixed Raster Content compression.
  • Re-compress an existing PDF using Color Detection.
  • Converting a multipage TIFF file to a multipage JBIG2 file.
  • Using JBIG2 compression when converting TIFF images to PDF documents.