Global Majic Strip Chart について


Strip Chartは、リアルタイムのデータを1つ以上のストリームのまたは静的な二次元グラフ作成ツールとしてのインターフェイスを提供するActiveXコンポーネントです。 エクセルに付属しているプロットユーティリティを置き換えるか、または向上させるために使用します。 他の可能な用途は、次のとおりです。トレンディング工場やフィードバック、縦長、プロットまたはドリル操作、静的なプロット、仮想オシロスコープなど。

The Global Majic Strip Chart ActiveX Component is a dynamic two-dimensional charting component that provides an ideal interface for viewing one or more streams of real-time data. Variables can be placed on one or more "tracks" for convenient, sensible viewing of data. Panning and zooming functionality allows for quick review and in-depth analysis of data trends. Powerful, intuitive design time features make configuring the strip chart component easy and fun.

The Global Majic Strip Chart component can be configured vertically or horizontally. It can automatically scale using time/date or numeric counts. Data input is flexible and comprehensive with methods to add y-data, x/y data, y array data, or x/y array data. Pen colors and symbols can easily be modified. Variables can be analog, Boolean, or discrete. Property pages are available at run-time and provide a powerful tool for designing charts with full control of scales, captions, fonts, and tics. Double buffering technology makes screen updates extremely fast with the ability to cache data in background.

The built-in configuration library utility allows users to store plotting configurations for single mouse click quick setups. This feature even allows application code or personal notes storage within the configuration.

In conjunction with the Percent component and the Linear Gauge component, these components can meet all your plotting needs. The Percent component can be configured for pie chart applications while the Linear Gauge component can easily be configured for bar charting.

Possible uses include:

  • Factory Trending or Feedback
  • Vertical Plotting for Drilling Operations
  • Static Plotting
  • Virtual Oscilloscope
  • General Purpose Trending or Charting
  • Excel or Access Plotting Utility