GoMage Magento PWA Storefront

GoMage Magento PWA Storefront is an easy to install and easy to use device-agnostic platform to easily develop a PWA (Progressive Web Application) e-commerce storefront. Developed on official Magento 2 PWA Studio your store will be fully compatible with Magento and its security patches. PWA is a type of software that shares features of websites and apps. Since PWAs operate in web browsers, customers don’t have to install them on their mobile devices. Such solutions eliminate the need to develop separate apps for web, iOS, and Android. PWAs reduce the time and budget needed for web development.

Key PWA Benefits Already Built-In

  • High performance - More sales with lightning-fast Magento PWA. They are 2X faster than responsive websites, resulting in a lower bounce rate and an increase in customer conversion rate.
  • SEO-Friendly - Magento 2 PWAs are highly ranked by search engines. Applying SEO practices, you can reach even more customers than with a native application.
  • Add to Home Screen - Customers can instantly install a Magento PWA right from their browsers. They have your store at...


GoMage Magento PWA Storefront v3.0
GoMage Magento PWA Storefront v3.0
GoMage Magento PWA Storefront v2.0
GoMage Magento PWA Storefront v2.0

価格:¥ 342,320 (税込)〜

One software license is required per domain。 Includes 6 months or 12 months of software updates and support*。 *Support for installing the Software is not covered by the license fee and is performed...


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Product Type
  • Magento 2 Extension