GrapeCity PowerSuite について


ComponentOne PowerSuiteにはActiveReports Professional、Spread.NET ProfessionalとActiveAnalysisが含まれています。ActiveAnalysis(旧名 Data Dynamics Analysis)はSilverlight、WindowsフォームとASP.NET用の完全なOLAP、データ可視化、ビジネス·インテリジェンス·コンポーネントです。Spread.NETは、.NET開発用に埋め込まれたMicrosoft Excelスプレッドシートプラットフォームです。ActiveReportsのは、納税申告書、保険の書類、複数ページの目論見書および投資フォーム等、最も複雑な形式のレポート用の正確なデザインツールの提供が可能なレイアウトデザイナーを含んだ、幅広いレポートに対するニーズを満たします。

Generate a wide variety of reports from your .NET applications. ActiveReports fulfills a wide range of reporting needs including a page layout designer that offers precise design tools for the most complex form reports such as tax forms, insurance forms, multi-page prospectus and investment forms. Updated Barcode, Matrix, Calendar and Table controls plus data visualization features make the most complicated transactional, analytical and BI reports easy to create and easy to read. All of these features are within reach in a set of redesigned viewer and designer controls that have a consistent look and feel and a powerful, extensive API that continues the hardcore coding traditions of the ActiveReports product line.

Embedded spreadsheet platform for advanced business, engineering and scientific applications. Spread provides advanced spreadsheet functionality which lets you create highly-specialized applications such as Financial Modeling, Statistical Analysis, Scientific and Engineering Models, Sales Analysis, Budgeting, native Microsoft Excel IO and many other business functions. It also allows you to quickly add data visualization, calculations, and easier layout options to your applications. Spread Studio includes all the features found in Spread plus: stand-alone charting, a formula provider, a MultiRow component for logically presenting data and a Spread Designer tool which lets your users edit or create spreadsheets.

Provide an interactive decision support system that allows users to explore their relational and multidimensional data in an useful way. ActiveAnalysis (formerly Data Dynamics Analysis) is a complete OLAP, data visualization and Business Intelligence component for Silverlight, Windows Forms and ASP.NET that allows you to rapidly embed interactive, ad hoc Business Intelligence features for both Windows and Web applications. ActiveAnalysis comes with the ability to connect to virtually any data source and support for three development platforms, rolling out your own ad hoc Business Intelligence application is now easier than ever. ActiveAnalysis features include: charts, pivot tables and data visualization, rich drag-and-drop user experience, Excel exports allow end users to share analysis results offline and much more.