Infragistics WebDateChooser

Infragistics WebDateChooser controls provide date entry and dropdown date selection for your Web based applications. With the embeddable editor capability of the WebGrid, you can easily embed the Infragistics WebDateChooser in a grid column to display date based data types.

Infragistics WebDateChooser features

  • Flexible Display - Date specific masked editing with the dropdown support of a combo box - users can enter dates directly in the control, or click the dropdown button to display an embedded WebCalendar for date selection
  • Data Customization - Set minimum and maximum limits on the date range that users may enter or select
  • WebGridTM Editor - Embed inside of a WebGrid to provide an intuitive editing and selection interface for grid columns that handle dates
  • Style...
One software license is required per machine。 Run-time royalty free。


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