Infragistics WebGridDocumentExporter

Infragistics WebGridDocumentExporter lets your users share documents generated from Infragistics WebGrid data in XPS and PDF formats. It takes only a single method call to produce professional-quality XPS and PDF reports. Selectively export data rows, headers and summaries by handling any of a comprehensive set of events that allow you to control the export process. Building on top of the Infragistics.Documents export engine and its extensive object model permits Infragistics WebGridDocumentExporter to reuse many of its graphics and layout features, as well as settings specific to PDF and XPS document formats, so you can leverage your knowledge of that library to accomplish more advanced tasks with the exporter component such as exporting grid data in separate sections of a PDF report.

Infragistics WebGridDocumentExporter features:

  • Instant Exports - Write PDF and XPS files containing grid data with as little as one method call.
  • Event-Driven Export Control - WebGridDocumentExporter events allow customization of exported data before any row, column or cell is rendered to the document.
  • Application Styling - WebGrid controls using the Application Styling Framework (ASF) export with hi-fidelity styles read from the style set's CSS style sheet in tact (appearances from CSS style...
One software license is required per machine。 Run-time royalty free。


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