Infragistics WinGridDocumentExporter

WinGridDocumentExporter allows instant exports, you can write PDF and XPS files containing grid data with as little as one method call. WinGridDocumentExporter events allow customization of exported data before any row, column or cell is rendered to the document. WinGridDocumentExporter replicates much of the WinGrid data presentation by using the rich formatting features of PDF and XPS like borders, pattern fills and embedded metafiles to simulate checkboxes. (CardView presentation is not supported). WinGridDocumentExporter uses wideley supported formats; an install base of client applications conversant in these standard formats that is growing by tens of millions per year assures your users of their documents mainstream acceptance and portability.

Effective XPS and PDF Reports from WinGrid Data.
Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) and Microsoft's Extensible Paper Specification (XPS), an open XML document standard used by applications like Microsoft Office 2007, together constitute a major share of the electronic documents exchanged between information workers today, and this trend can only grow as tens of millions of new clients capable of working in these formats are installed around the globe each year.

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