Infragistics xamDataGrid

Infused with the power of Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), the xamDataGrid can be used to produce polished reports, tables, ledgers, product listings, and much more, that exceed user expectations and set your application apart. As a data grid control for WPF, it lets you present information in the tabular style familiar to users all over the world, while leveraging the most powerful and flexible WPF features available. The xamDataGrid is the WPF grid that provides your users the most superior versatility when editing, sorting, grouping, and showing hierarchical data relationships (such as master-detail records).

Infragistics xamDataGrid features at a glance.

  • Data binding – xamDataGrid simplifies development with a single data binding property that supports the new variety of WPF data sources. These include the XmlDataProvider and ObjectDataProvider, as well as more traditional data sources such as DataSet, Array, and Collection objects.
  • True hierarchical data rendering – xamDataGrid is the WPF grid that can automatically detect and meaningfully display complex, hierarchical data structures.
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