Infragistics xamDataTree

xamDataTree is a high performance databound tree built for speed that comfortably handles tens of thousands of tree nodes. xamDataTree has been specially designed to handle multiple kinds of child nodes, and nesting of nodes to arbitrary depths through the flexibility of its node layout architecture. xamDataTree has been built using Infragistics Unified XAML Product Strategy, so that any Silverlight code you write for it can be easily ported to Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) in the future.

xamDataTree Features

  • Infinite Depth – xamDataTree provides a flexible node layout architecture that lets you nest tree nodes to any arbitrary depth, and even include multiple kinds of child tree nodes.
  • Drag and Drop – xamDataTree allows you to easily set-up drag and drop of tree nodes for your Silverlight application's end users.
  • Node Editing – xamDataTree permits end user editing of tree nodes, exposing a data template which you can configure for the editor you want to employ.
  • UI Virtualization...


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