Infragistics xamPivotGrid

Infragistics xamPivotGrid is a Silverlight OLAP pivot grid control that lets you work with multidimensional data (MDX) from your cubes, data warehouses, or Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services. Infragistics xamPivotGrid provides an experience to your users that goes beyond Microsoft Excel pivot tables, delivering the full power of online analytical processing (OLAP) in your Rich Internet Application. Users simply drag and drop filter fields, measure fields, and dimensions from the field selector and Infragistics xamPivotGrid presents the sliced and diced OLAP data in cross-tabulated form for your users to drill-down into.

Infragistics xamPivotGrid Key Features at a Glance

  • An OLAP Pivot Table for Silverlight – xamPivotGrid delivers an engaging user experience that allows your users to do "crosstabs" and drilldown as they interact with data like in Microsoft Excel with full-featured online analytical processing (OLAP) support.
  • Infragistics xamPivotGrid Multidimensional Data – Unlock the potential of your data warehouses, your OLAP cubes and your multidimensional data stores.
  • Infragistics xamPivotGrid Drag and Drop...


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